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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bailout Needed!

Well, in the literal sense, not the financial sense (although that wouldn't be bad either). No teaching post today. The Iroquois River, which skirts our town, has overflowed its banks, shutting down parts of town and causing a few families to voluntarily evacuate instead of deal with not being able to leave their homes.

And as for us, we're lucky enough to have water POURING in from cracks in the basement cement floor. We've finally gotten ahead of it with the right sump pump and the four of us baling with buckets. But, MAN, am I sore and wiped out.

So, no post today. We'll see about tomorrow. I usually try to write my articles ahead of time, but failed to do that this week. So, there you go.

Right now I'm going to eat a handful of ibuprofen (two or three, anyway), go get some dinner with the kids (can you say p-i-z-z-a?) and then come back and hope the river has crested so water will stop seeping (seeping?) through the cracks.

Here's a video from a major flood that hit our town in January 2008. It was shot and produced by Phil Gioja from our church (he's a great videographer) and he does an incredible job of capturing both the devastation and the faith that got people through.

I'll return as soon as my back stops screaming.

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JoJo Tabares said...

Praying for you Deb!

Joy said...

Oh Deb, I hate to hear that. I will pray that the water will start receeding.