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Monday, March 16, 2009

Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants Family Discipleship

photo by koyochi

What happens when you cross a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to time management with an unexpected crisis? You get what my week was last week. Nothing that I thought I would get done, got done and a whole lot of running around in circles was the extent of most of my activity.

Such is life sometimes, but it really should be the exception to the rule instead of the rule itself. If I don’t establish certain goals and parameters within which to work, I’m not going to accomplish what it is I’m trying to do. Whether it’s writing articles to my blog, planning school work for the kids, scheduling time for social media networking or researching business ideas, it’s all going to go to a very warm place in a hand basket if I’m not deliberate about doing it.

Same thing with family discipleship. It doesn’t happen if you’re not purposeful with it.

It’s one thing to say, I want my kids to learn how to pray so they can have a closer relationship with the Lord, but how and when will you do it?

You think to yourself, I hope my child makes the right choices about dating, but how can you teach him/her about what God wants in relationships? And when would you get around to teaching it?

You keep poking yourself to spend time in family devotion, but when and how will that happen?

Flying by the seat of our pants doesn’t work with family discipleship any more than it doesn’t work with getting through our work week. Throw in the inevitable emergency or family crisis, and making God a big deal in our homes just doesn’t seem to make it off the back burner.

So, here’s what we do with our family discipleship. We make it deliberate. We plan. We schedule. We set goals. We write them down and make a committed effort. Then when the inevitable happens, we reshuffle and reschedule, but our plan is still in place. We just get back on track as soon as we can.

No more flying by the seat of our pants family discipleship. From now on it’s purposeful, deliberate and focused. The links below will help get you started.

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