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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poll Results

photo by Milica Sekulic

Out of pure curiosity I put up a poll this past Monday, asking readers "When do (did) you first let your child partake of holy communion?" The question was born when I heard a small child seated behind me in church last Sunday ask his or her parent, as the tray of grape juice cups was being passed, "How come I don't get one?"

It started me thinking, since our family has been part of so many different churches with so many different traditions because of our moving, whether there was a consensus among parents out there.

Not very many people voted in the poll - only seven - but five of the seven stated that they waited for their child to make a profession of faith before partaking of holy communion. One voted for "At the earliest possible age" while the last voter selected "Other". The comments left also reflected that predominant thought.

However, Chuck Huckaby twittered his reply to me on the poll, suggesting that whether a parent lets their child participate in communion or not is really left to the discretion of the church they attend. That certainly has been the case with us. Each church and even each denomination tends to have their own tradition that they encourage their congregation to follow.

Thanks to those who took the time to vote, and especially if you left a comment to help clarify. Have a great weekend!

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