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Friday, March 6, 2009

Resource Friday - Daily Audio Bible

photo by Roberto_Garcia

For those of you who would like to use new technology and an audio Bible resource to encourage your child to have personal devotions, I have a site for you to go to. Carole Hicks from twittered me recently about, the brainchild of Brian Hardin, a producer, photographer and graphic designer who wanted to help people read the Word of God in a more relaxed way.

To take advantage of the resources at Daily Audio Bible you need to register (for free), which allows you to listen to a daily podcast of that day’s Bible reading. You can also read along while you listen by clicking on the link that says DAB Read Along (makes sense - I love it when sites are user friendly).

Brian Hardin narrates the reading, which takes you through an Old Testament passage, a New Testament one, a passage from Proverbs and one more from Psalms. There is background music and sounds from nature to accompany the reading.

Each week features a different Bible translation, which for some may be a bit disconcerting. Hardin explains in the FAQ section that, “In order to take in the full weight of what the scriptures tell us we often use different translations to feel the different complexions of the language. I personally wanted this experience in my own life and it struck a chord with the community. It allows us to appreciate the beauty of the text.”

You can decide for yourself whether this is a feature you like or not. The translation for this past week was the Contemporary English Version.

The participant is also encouraged to journal as they proceed through the Bible, which is provided online if one so chooses. This is not a free feature, however. You won’t find any heavy hitting promotion, though, and there are not any ads that I saw on the site.

So, if your child (most likely, teen) is going to have earphones plugged in anyway, why not pipe through the Word of God? In twenty minutes a day he or she can have time with the Lord while systematically working their way through the Bible.

Do you have any resources you'd like to recommend? Drop me an email or leave a comment with a way to get back to you. Your sharing just might be the blessing someone else needs!

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