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Friday, March 20, 2009

Resource Friday -

Here’s a cute site that your 5 - 11 year old child might get a kick out of. is a fun site with quizzes, puzzles and tile games designed to engage the young child in biblical truths. Some of the themes include spiritual armor, friendship and the golden rule, using simple videos to teach the concept.

The site was designed by Tim Inman, an American missionary with his wife Lauri in Northern Ireland. According to Tim:

At kids' events we encouraged kids to become life-long followers of
Christ, but we knew we wouldn't see most of them again until the next year. We knew some, but not all of the kids we're going home to families with spiritual links. I wanted to have something more to give those kids. I decided to create a website where they could go to learn more about following Christ. I had the idea that it could be sort of an on-line kids' club where they could earn badges as they progressed.

I started over a year ago, brushing up on my web skills and learning 'Ruby on Rails', a web-development framework, along the way. There are only a handful of videos and games on the site currently. I want to add more videos and games and I'm looking for media and web people to pull into the project with me.
In order to earn badges, your child must sign up and log-in each time, although he can still play without doing that, he just won’t earn badges. The badges consist of various icons that can be collected, including a pirate face, various fun foods, some precious gems, and even an Elvis face (thank you very much).

It’s always good to find child-safe sites that your young one can enjoy, but this site doubles as a ministry, making it twice as nice. Support the Inman’s ministry with your participation, or if you can share technological expertise there’s a feedback tab on the left hand side where you can send them an email.

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