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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Verse Memorization Can Be Done

A friend sent this video to me and I think it is just too cute not to share. Beyond that, however, it emphasizes that our children are never too young to learn the Word of God. Give it a look-see.

I'd guess this little girl is about three years old, but I bet her daddy, who I assume is the one filming and offering the occasional coaching, has been working with her for quite some time to get her verses down. Some might argue that this seems a little too over the top, that there's no point to having someone her age memorize something she probably doesn't understand anyway.

I say, Go for it, Dad! There are more advantages to teaching your child to memorize Bible verses than there are disadvantages. The biggest one is the fact that God is being made a big deal in your home so that someday, when your child is old enough to understand a little more, she'll make a decision to make Jesus her Savior, and one day when she really gets it, she makes a commitment to follow and obey.

It's a cute video, but it speaks volumes. You can get your child to memorize Bible verses. Go for it!

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Janet said...

How inspirational! Thank you.

I'm visiting from the Titus 2 Blogroll. Glad I found your site--I absolutely love the name! Thank you for encouraging families.

Deb Burton said...

Thanks Janet, I appreciate the props. Please let others know you found me!