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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Impossible Christian Life

Do you know it’s impossible to be a Christian? I mean down right, 100%, to the bones impossible? Charles Stanley, a pastor at First Baptist Atlanta and author of many books, wrote the following in The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life: “The Christian life is not simply difficult. It is not something that gets easier with time. It is not something you grow into. It’s impossible. You can’t live it. I can’t live it. God doesn’t expect us to live it. He knows it’s impossible. Jesus knew it was impossible. It is time we come to grips with this liberating truth - it is impossible.”

What? Have I had my expectations in the wrong place? And liberating? What’s liberating about knowing it’s impossible to live the life I’ve sought to live for twenty years now?

But wait, it is liberating, because now I understand why I’ve failed in my attempts to live the Christian life. I’ve been trying to live it apart from the help of the Holy Spirit. As Dr. Stanley so effectively wrote in his book, if Jesus knew the apostles needed more than “sheer determination to fulfill their task”, how much more do I need Him to fulfill my role as a missionary parent?

Being missionaries in your own home will be the greatest mission trip you will ever take, but doing it aside from the guidance, nurturance and encouragement of the Holy Spirit will end up driving you to your knees (literally) in frustration. Forgo the calluses now. Dedicate your parenting to the Lord anew each day and ask the Holy Spirit to be the driving force in your life.


Connie Arnold said...

I have recently come to appreciate Charles Stanley when I discovered him on a Sunday when I wasn't up to going to church. Thanks for this great post and your excellent advice, Deb!

BibleSEO said...

Nice post. I finally read it. It is true that 'it is impossible to live christian life 100%'. And it is liberating. 2 Cor 12:9 - "My Grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in your weakness."