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It's hard enough to be a Christian parent in this world. How do we combat the forces of evil while at the same time raise our children to desire to walk in God's light? By seeking His face, His Word and inspiration from each other as we stumble through this parenting process together. You will find all the instruction, encouragement and resources you need right here at The Greatest Mission Trip You'll Ever Take to help you be the most effective witness to your child that God would have you be. Look around and come back often. Let's learn together.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Winning Strategy

This teaching ministry is dedicated to empowering Christian parents as witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ to their children. Because of its underlying theme, its focus is necessarily on the children. A casual reader might get the idea that children need to come first, that they need to be the center of the family. As you can see from the last several articles, that’s not the case at all.

How do we make sure that God is above all and is the central focus of our family’s life? How do we put our spouse before our children, and how do we keep the right perspective on things?
Here are my answers to those questions:

  1. Spend daily, or at least consistently regular, personal time reading from the Bible. Nothing can substitute drawing knowledge, wisdom and strength directly from God’s Word, and it can only be gained by reading whole passages at a time. A snippet a day, as from a devotional, will not give you the increase you’re looking for.
  2. Everyday in personal prayer time, dedicate yourself, your marriage, and your children to God. Bring everyone before the throne of God, knowing that in doing so you are submitting to His authority for your family.
  3. If it hasn’t been done, or if you feel it needs to be renewed, commit your marriage to the Lord. This is something that needs to be done as a couple, together, before God.
  4. Determine that God is more important than your happiness. Ask Him for the wisdom and the wherewithal to be the spouse and parent that He would have you be. The joy He blesses you with will far surpass what you seek on your own.
  5. Diligently and consistently come together as a family in devotion, prayer, church attendance and biblical discussion. Purpose to make God a big deal in your home.

God first. Marriage second. Children last. It’s a winning strategy for strengthening your family and drawing your children closer to the Lord.

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