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Monday, August 18, 2008

Step By Step To Family Devotions - Assess Your Progress

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It’s always a good idea to evaluate how things are going when you start something new. How else can you tell how much progress you’ve made and which direction you need to go in?

Spend a few minutes, either just you and your spouse or as a family, answering these two questions:

Where were we before we started family devotions?
Where do we want to go from here?

Where Were We?
Assess what things have changed since beginning family devotions in your home. I suspect you’ll find three areas to evaluate:

Your blessing will be proportionate to your obedience. How well have you followed through with your intent to hold family devotions? Have you been diligently praying together, coming together, talking together, perhaps planning together?
Your blessing will be proportionate to the time spent in God’s Word. If you’re meeting once or twice a week as a family, you may or may not be experiencing much change, but your knowledge of the Lord should be increasing. However, if you’re spending three or more times a week reading from the Word as a family, my guess is you’re already seeing more enriching family dynamics taking place. Members may be asking for more time together, enjoying each other’s company more and engaging in more real communication with each other. In short, your family is beginning to apply God’s truths within the relationships in your home.
Your blessing is probably bleeding over into other areas. How has your time of family devotions impacted your work (or school), your worship and any challenges or problems you are currently facing? As you and your family learn more about God, do you find yourselves applying His truths to circumstances outside your home?

Where Do We Want To Go?
Now would be a good time to plan out some goals. Where would you like to see yourselves as a family and individually in one month? Six months? A year? What about five years? Some ideas might include: increasing your times together for family devotion in a month’s time; in six months be meeting 5-7 times a week with an active prayer ministry; in one year to begin reading through the entire Bible; and in five years maybe be engaged in family ministry or functioning as an accountability family to others.

Make the goals work for you, within a workable timeframe. Discuss them as a family, write them down for future reference, and reevaluate your progress periodically. It will be so exciting to see how God works in you and through you to accomplish the work of His kingdom, that of passing on His legacy to future generations!

Homework: 1. As a couple or as a family, evaluate how your family devotions are impacting your lives.
2. Share your evaluation with your accountability family.
3. Continue in your Bible study.
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