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Monday, September 1, 2008

Step By Step To Family Devotions - Step it Up Another Notch

photo by Mike Baird
Guess what? It has been a whole month since you were last encouraged to increase/enhance your family devotion time. Time does fly, doesn’t it? At a minimum, you should either be meeting twice a week, or once a week but including a prayer list or a song to sing along with during your family time.

Now it’s time to increase it again. Remember, the goal is to be meeting as a family several times a week, if not daily. Your reading from the Bible together should be accomplishing these results:

  • Knowledge of God’s truths - what He expects of His followers
  • Application of those truths - how you will live out, as a family and individually, what you’ve learned this week
  • Centralizing God in your home - Who your family anchors itself to
  • Drawing your child to a saving relationship with Jesus - why you do what you do with family devotions
  • Discipling your child to be a follower and a light to others as you continuously cycle back around to the top of this list.
I want you to add one of the following components, at a minimum, to your family devotions. You may decide that, at this point, you’re capable and desire to add more, and by all means do so.

  • Add another day
  • Add a prayer list of people to pray for (including members of your family)
  • Add a song
  • Begin verse memorization - one verse for the week as a family
If the last time you kicked it up a notch you added a prayer list or song, then this time I definitely want you to add another day. You should be meeting at least twice a week by this stage.

Homework: 1. Increase or enhance your family devotions by adding another day or component to it.
2. Continue to assess your outside obligations (work, school activities, church involvement) to make sure you’re able to continue family devotions.
3. Update your accountability family.
4. Continue praying for your family.

Have you been using the Step By Step series to launch family devotions in your home? How has it been working for you? Leave a comment or send me an email and give me some feedback.

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