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Friday, October 24, 2008

Resource Friday - Songs Of Blessing

photo by Shankar, Shiv

Songs of praise are a great way of centering your home on Christ and making it a home of worship. You can add hymns to your family devotion time and make it more meaningful, or you can teach certain songs to your children to sing anytime of the day.

Children love it when familiar tunes get adapted for other purposes. Katye, whom I met on, a Christian parenting forum, posted these songs created by a friend. I thought they were very cute and a wonderful way to get your child singing to God around the house. In fact, your child is apt to sing these absentmindedly because they’re so catchy.

Which means God is on his or her heart without your child even knowing it. That is a spiritual offering to God that He absolutely loves. Enjoy!

(Tune: Hi Ho Hi Ho)
We know, we know,
From whom all blessing flow
We thank him then
We say Amen
We know, we know!
(We know, We know, We know-- repeat 'til tired!)

Zip a dee do dah,
Zip a dee ay,
I am grateful for God's blessings today.
I've plenty to eat, to drink and to share,
I sit at God's table and see love everywhere.

[Tune: Michael Row the Boat Ashore]
God is great and God is good, Alleluia
Let us thank God for our food, Alleluia.
By God’s hands we all are fed, Alleluia
Thank you Lord, for daily bread, Alleluia

(Tune: My Guy)
Before every meal- I show how I feel
To my God,There's nothing you can bet,
that'll make Me forget-To thank-My God
I gave my Girl Scout word of Honor
to serve my God-and I'm gonna
So I'm telling' it came from the start
The praise comes from my heart to my God!!
What you say?My God! Who?
(softer) My God! Yeah!!
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lynnmosher said...

Deb, I wish other parents were as involved in their children's spiritual condition as you do. Thanks for teaching them. I love the songs!

I also wanted to thank you for commenting on The Mic's On! Sometimes it comes back to bite us, doesn't it? I'll pray for your newly motorized daughter! Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it. Be blessed...

Deb Burton said...

Aren't the songs great? A parent can have a lot of fun with these and fill their home with praises to God all day long.

And thanks for the prayers. She's already displaying mature reasoning behind the wheel, but it's my prerogative as a mother to worry! :-)