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Friday, December 5, 2008

Resource Friday - Dare 2B Wise

photo by zerojay

We’re just finishing up using a devotional we got from Focus on the Family called Dare 2B Wise: 10-Minute Devotions 2 Inspire Courageous Living by Joe White and Kelli Stuart. I’d always wanted to do a devotion using the book of Proverbs, but I fell short of making it interesting. A lot of the proverbs are really pretty self-explanatory and don’t require much discussion for clarity.

Dare 2B Wise, however, did all the work for me by including short, topical stories to help make Proverbs come alive. It was easy to see how wise sayings written almost 3000 years ago could have application today.

Dare 2B Wise is written with a teen audience in mind and covers such topics as friends, enemies, choices, money, sex, integrity, work, conflict, anger, reputation, life and God. The stories are contemporary and really relate well to the adolescent mind and culture. My teens had no problem connecting with the life principles taught in its pages.

Each devotion is just two pages long and takes only ten minutes (as the subtitle points out) to do. There are discussion questions and a brief action point called a Lifeline at the end of each devotion. There are a hundred devotions in all, so this book could easily take you through almost half a year of doing it five times a week, like we did.

If you’re just starting to do devotions with your teens at home and need something easy to get your kids into the Bible, or if you’re wanting something a little different from what you’ve been doing with them, I’d give Dare 2B Wise good consideration. We’ve enjoyed it a lot.

What kinds of devotional materials for the family would you recommend? Leave a comment or drop me an email and let me know. Be sure you leave a way for me to get back in touch.

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