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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspiring Families - Highly Resolving

photo by Amanda M Hatfield

It’s just about the end of January. How have you been in keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? A couple of families told me they were going to revamp their family devotion time as part of their resolution to draw closer to God.

One family in particular really impressed me with how far they took their resolution. The Legare family decided to write a family mission statement, supporting their renewed focus with a list of goals and objectives for the year.

There are several advantages to writing out such a statement.

To develop it you have to spend time in prayer. What you’re creating is a vision for your family, and anything that significant requires time spent seeking God’s face. You definitely want His direction and will firmly implanted in the vision. It’s also a time to spend committing yourself to the idea of a family mission statement. It’s a good foundation to bring to the concept.

To develop it you have to spend time in discussion. Something this significant won’t come together by itself, and it will require other members of the family to buy into it. After you and your spouse pray on it, it’s time to come together to discuss where you feel God is leading you, what desires you each have and how far you want to take it. You will also need to discuss how to bring the children in on it, whether in the beginning to help with planning or afterwards to pull it together.

Writing it down means it’s serious. I can hear my husband in my ear on this one - “You’re not serious about it if you don’t put it on paper.” With your mission, goals and objectives written down in front of you, you create something of a contract that feels more binding (especially if you actually sign it). Posting it where everyone can see it or frequently reviewing it will create a constant reminder of what you’re resolving to do. If you have objectives written down, you also have a way of measuring progress. You can tell where you are with things.

If you’d like your family to strengthen its focus on God, it’s not too late to come together with a plan for 2009. The Legares assembled quite a lengthy one that includes how they will honor God, how they will honor each other, how they’ll handle conflict, stay physically and mentally healthy and keep fun and laughter in their home.

I’ll share the Legare’s mission statement, goals and objectives on Thursday as an example of what their family does. It may be valuable as a template for your family.

What goals/resolutions have you made for your family for 2009?

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