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Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Family’s Mission Statement

As mentioned in the last article, the LeGare family resolved to make 2009 a more purposeful year for God as a family. Husband and wife sat down together to write out a mission statement and list the goals and objectives for fulfilling their renewed focus. You may use it to inspire ideas for your own family or as a template to put together your own mission statement and goals.

Here is the LeGare Family 2009 Mission Statement.

The LeGare family mission is to keep Christ as the centerpiece of our family relationships, priorities, lifestyle choices, and finances. With this in mind, we are a family that has several goals.

We will honor God by:
Shared ministry
Perform church outreach together
Intercessory prayer at church prayer room (monthly as a family)
Supporting our 4 Compassion kids by praying for them, providing gifts and other monetary support, and writing to them at least one time a month.
Finding ways to help others in our community
Sharing our resources
We will tithe on our earnings
We will give sacrificially
Bible reading
Nightly reading First Light right after dinner
Weekly family meetings (Saturday night)
Anne and girls do Precept for Kids
Marc and Daniel do other study
Marc and Anne lead weekly adult Bible study Friday nights.
Daily prayer
On the way to school
Bed time
Special prayer for family trials, praise, extended family, friends’ requests, salvation, etc.

We will respect and honor each other by:
Being loyal to those not present
Keeping our commitments to each other
Honoring each other’s time and outside requirements
Saying encouraging words to each other
Being kind and exercising the gifts of the Spirit (Gal 5:22)
Mom and Dad keeping disagreements private
Honoring parents in the house and other places
Seeking forgiveness and apologizing
Making and keeping promises
Doing our own chores and keeping up with our responsibilites

We will resolve our differences by:
Hitting the “pause” button between stimulus and response
Not reacting in anger
Taking aggression out on the punching bag, not each other
Thinking of others’ needs first (seek first to understand, then to be understood)
Praying for each other

We will be healthy and stay fit by:
Drinking 8 glasses of water daily
Limitingour sugared food and beverage intake
Eating fruits and vegetables daily
Eating whole grain foods daily
Drinking milk and taking vitamins
Pursuing an athletic activity
Getting outside daily
Good personal hygiene (to include brushing teeth 2xdaily)

We will build healthy minds by:
Reading wholesome publications
Reading together whenever possible
Monitoring what we see and hear; being accountable
Limiting computer time
Using a dictionary when we don’t know a word
Working on our vocabulary and grammar
Doing our best at school; not settling for something less
Getting good grades that reflect our best effort

We will develop good lifetime/lifestyle habits by:
Learning what God requires of us in the areas of dating, finances, and managing a home
Learning how to plan, purchase, and make meals
Refining our abilities and growing into taking on more chores and household responsibilities
Taking good care of our pets
Learning how to fix things around the house and how to sew

We will keep laughter and fun in our home by:
Continuing camping trips in our trailer and planning for them in advance
Planning one big vacation a year
Playing games together
Sharing clean jokes
Goofing off together
Having friends over
Date nights for Mom and Dad
Date nights with each kid
Watching silly old movies and TV shows together.
Keeping our already built up family traditions fun.

We will include adult kids by:
Calling them once a week (sometimes after family meeting)
Scripture encouragement by email
Mom’s blog
Keeping each other informed when they call and talk to one person
Being loyal to them and building them up
Supporting their hopes and dreams

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