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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Secret" Easter Codes

photo by Per Ola Wiberg

Here are a couple of super simple ideas to help bring the hope of Easter, a risen Savior, to the forefront for your children. Since kids enjoy using passwords, you can incorporate these ideas into your usual activities over Easter weekend.

Open Sesame
Before a family member may enter a room or through any doorway, there has to be an exchange in order to get in:

“He is risen!”

“He is risen, indeed!”

This is a common greeting around Easter time and will prepare your child to respond if your pastor or your child’s youth leader happens to announce it to the congregation. It also helps put the focus of the holy day squarely where it needs to be: on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not some pink rabbit with a basket full of goodies.

Do You Know The Secret Code?
During the early church, when persecution was rampant and often deadly, believers had to be very careful about with whom they shared Christian information. If a believer got a sense that the person with whom he was speaking was a fellow believer, he would take his foot and draw a curved line in the dirt.

If the other person was a fellow believer he would know the meaning of the symbol and would then use his foot to complete the picture.

Spend Easter weekend prompting each other with “the code”. Draw half the fish symbol on a sticky note and post it in a conspicuous spot, maybe the bathroom mirror, and see who completes it first (don’t forget to leave a writing utensil nearby!). While waiting for your food to be served in a restaurant pass the code between you and your child on a napkin. You can even use the dust accumulating on the back end of your car (a great use of God's dirt to evangelize the world, if you ask me).

Super simple, super easy, and a fun way to make Easter more meaningful for your child.

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