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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20 Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Baptism

L) Our Lead Pastor, Dave Gruhn, opening the ceremony with a word from the Bible, while Executive Pastor Chris Lentz looks on. R) James giving his testimony.

Is there any better reason to celebrate a family occasion than the baptism of one of your children? When the child has made a profession of faith and agreed in obedience to publicly declare that decision, it’s time to rejoice!

Our church has an annual baptismal gathering at a lovely pond north of town. Daylilies festoon the banks, lily pads float lazily by, and if you’re wearing shorts you just might feel a fish nibble at your legs. Church family comes out with their lawn chairs and umbrellas and someone walks around with a cooler full of watermelon slices to help beat the heat.

Our son James was baptized Sunday. His written testimony stated that he has grown up in a home where Jesus is taught and loved. He said that he’s never had a “BAM!” experience of Christian revelation, but rather a consistently and diligently growing devotion to the Lord brought about by parents who made God a big deal in their family. My husband and I are quite pleased with his testimony.

I woke up Sunday morning celebrating the reason for the day. Here’s the twenty ways we celebrated throughout the day:

  • We invited family to share in the glorious event.
  • We all went to church together. I got teary-eyed during a drama about baptism.
  • I told everyone at church, “James is getting baptized today!”
  • I told my son I was very proud of him.
  • We came home and James threw a Frisbee with his big brother and shot hoops with his Dad.
  • We had a great meal of ham, potato salad (fries for James) and sweet corn on the cob.
  • I went around smiling all day long.
  • My husband, Bill, taught about baptism from the Bible.
  • We presented James with a gift, a brand new Teen Study Bible to replace his (worn) Adventure Bible.
  • I reminisced about certain days of his growing up.
  • I hugged him and told him I loved him.
  • I engaged in prayer speak all day long.
  • I patted his shoulder.
  • I patted his back.
  • I patted his behind (he thinks he’s getting a little too old for that).
  • I dabbed at tears.
  • I tousled his hair.
  • When we got back we had heaping bowls of fudge ripple and dulce de leche ice cream.
  • I kept on smiling, well into the night.
  • I told my son, again, how proud I was of him.
Our child’s baptism is a great reason to celebrate. Make it a special day of affirmation, praise of the Lord and remembrance of the occasion.

How have you celebrated a baptism in your household?
L) He didn't even hold his nose!
R) Back home, basking in the glow of the Holy Spirit.

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