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Monday, September 22, 2008

Step By Step To Family Devotions: Plan Your Next Study

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You may be ahead of me on this, depending on how many days a week you decided to hold family devotions, but if you were only holding one devotion a week up until the “Step It Up Another Notch” post, and only then went to two devotions, you are probably done with the book of Mark or close to it.

By now the idea of holding devotions as a family should be both familiar and accepted by family members, especially if you’ve been diligent and consistent in holding them. You should also be getting an idea of what area(s) of knowledge or character discipline needs to be worked on as a group.

My recommendation would be that you continue on to the Book of Luke, carrying on with the study of Jesus. Or, if you have older children, doing the Commandments & Promises study would also be a good idea.

But perhaps you see another need that needs to be met. Maybe your children need to know a little bit about the origins of Israel that Jesus refers to so often. In that case, you may want to go to Genesis and read about the patriarchs. Perhaps it’s a particular issue that needs to be dealt with. Has there been unseemly bickering going on in your home lately? A study of 1 Corinthians 13 may be in order. Are you wanting to establish parameters for Christian living? Philippians 4:8 and a study of its words would be good.

If there’s an area you want to focus on but don’t know how to address it with your family devotions, go to your accountability family or your pastor and ask for direction and suggestions. They may know of helpful resources and point you in the right area of Scripture to start. That’s what they’re there for - to shepherd you as you learn to follow Jesus as a family.

Planning ahead a little bit will keep the flow smooth as you finish one area of study and go on to the next. Nobody knows what your family has need of better than you!

Homework:1. Discuss with your spouse or your family as a whole if they see an area of study that needs to be looked at. Plan ahead for moving to that part of Scripture.
2. Discuss possible resources or area of Scripture to use in your next study with your accountability family.
3. Pray for God’s direction in your family devotion.
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