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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jesus Laughing

Are you here from Stumbleupon? Greetings! I'd love for you to join me in a special welcome just for you.

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mike said...

This is one of the most beautiful set of drawings I've ever seen. Thank you. Can I put them on

rick osborne said...

WOW! What great pictures! So often the pictures of Jesus we see do not truly reflect the love he feels for us. When I looked at these pictures I instantly identified with the emotion being expressed; I love my kids and my granddaughter like that. And God, our Father loves us way beyond our ability to love and/or understand love. Deb, thanks for the wonderful reminder of God's love!

conarnold said...

The drawings are wonderful! They show so well Christ's love of children and the joy He brings to them, and all of us! I couldn't pick a favorite, but I would think they would be very comforting to a parent who has lost a child to picture that child with Jesus in this way. Thank you for sharing this, Deb!

Terra said...

I read your tweet about these pictures, and they are wonderful.
It is hard to pick a favorite, maybe the last one, and then the first one.
To think of Jesus as joyful is a good thing to focus on.

Deb Burton said...

Sorry to have taken so long in posting your comments. We've been out celebrating a family birthday!

Mike, as far as I know these drawings are public access since they are being disseminated on email. I just copied the info from my email that stated where they were found and how they were signed.

I have a hard time picking my favorite also, but I think the last one is my favorite. Thanks for your comments everyone!

lynnmosher said...

Oh, Deb, these are awesome! I could never pick just one. My favorite part of our church's Passion Play every year is the part where Jesus is laughing and enjoying life. Too precious! Thanks so much for sharing these. Always touches my heart! Bless you!

Shannon said...

The pictures are amazing, but you are violating a copyright.
The signature doesn't say Jesus Painter, who is someone entirely different, BTW, but Jean Keaton.
Please do give credit where credit is due.

Deb Burton said...

Thanks Shannon! I checked out Jean Keaton's site and they do indeed match. So, finally, an artist's name can definitely be posted for credit. Thanks for checking it out for me.